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    Elementary Learning Support


    The Learning Support Program at Lincoln School encompasses learners of English and those students who require academic support at their grade level. The inclusion specialist delivers instruction in small groups in the learning support classroom or in the grade level classroom working with the classroom teacher. The goal is to provide support to these learners to help them integrate fully in the mainstream classroom.

    • Resources for On-line Learning

      Use the websites below to continue your academic work for online learning.

      Grades 1 and 2 should login to Raz-kids and read at least two books each day. The login is LSsupport13. The students each have their own password. If they have forgotten it please email me.

      They should also go to the Starfall website and do a few activities on the Learn to Read and It's Fun to Read sections.

      Grades 3, 4, and 5 should login to Raz-kids and read at least two books each day. The login is LSsupport13. The students each have their own password. 

      They should also go to IXL and work on their math. They should know their logins and passwords. If they have forgotten they can email Ms. Willis.

      In addition they can go to any of the websites listed on More Websites at the bottom of this page.

      For English Language Learners

      For students who are learning English we now have a subscription to Brainpop's ESL videos. The login information was sent out the week of April 27- May 1 in an email. If you did not receive the email please contact. Ms. Willis The students should complete all the lessons in the ESL section of Brainpop. 

      • Websites for Students

        Below are links to several websites for students. Some are subscription sites for students who are receiving learning support. Others can be used by all students at Lincoln School to support their learning when they are on extended leave or a Bandh day.

        Raz-Kids is a subscription site for students receiving learning support.

        The login for the students is LSsupport13

        Each student has a password to access their books.

        brainpop  and  brainpopjr   and   brainpopesl

        Brainpop is a collection of short videos on a variety of topics in social studies, science, math, language arts, technology and music and art. Students can watch the videos with closed captions, take a quiz to test their retention, play a game and find other activities related to the topic. For English Language Learners there is specific content for vocabulary and grammar.

        If students have forgotten the password they can email me. 


        Web Math Minutes is an excellent site to brush up on your math facts. You can do the activity on line or print out the sheets. You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can adjust the time to complete the facts from 30 sec to 180 sec or you can even complete it untimed. Your settings should be Maximum - 9, Minimum - 0, Practice -(You decide which facts you need to practice) Questions 20 and Timer (You decide) If you are working on a MAC you can press the (command key - shift key - +) to enlarge your view. In Chrome you can also go under VIEW in the menu bar and select zoom in to enlarge the screen view. Enter your answer to the problem and press the tab key to move on. Grades 1 and 2 should practice their Addition and Subtraction facts from 1 to 9. Grades 3, 4, and 5 should practice all 4 categories. The goal is to make your math facts automatic. If someone asks you what is 9+4 you can immediately reply 13 with out having to count on your fingers. The better recall you have of the basic facts makes it easier for you to do higher level math skills. Download the attached record sheet to keep track of your progress.

        Recording Sheet for Web Math Minutes